Ava’s Pet Bitch

The only time an insignificant man like you can be entertaining to me is during dog slave phone sex! I mean think about it for a minute, it actually makes sense because all men are mutts!I expect to see you on your knees serving me like the obidient little bitch you are. I’d treat you like the dog you are. There will be no walking like a man anymore. You are to be expected to be on all fours, by my side, waiting for my command. I’m even going ot make you sleep in the dog house in the backyard because you don’t deserve to share the same bed as me. I’ll be feeding you scraps from leftover meals and put a can of chunky chow in a little dog bowl with your name etched in on it. You’re worthless to me as a man so maybe you can prove yourself worthy of being my pet with some bdsm phone sex
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