Adult Baby That Loves His Dirty Diapers (part 1)

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I talked to one particularly filthy adult baby the other day that has a very strong scat fetish.  He was so eager to tell me about the dirty shit filled diaper he had on, so excited and turned on that his voice was quivering! He was already on his back, his hips moving up and down to make his disgusting diaper drag against his cock. He begged desperately when I told him to stop, pleading to be allowed to move again because he wanted to make sticky cummies. How could I not tease him for that? I mocked and ridiculed him, making sure he knew just how pathetic he was until he started to sound teary-eyed, and only then did I give him permission to touch himself.  I made him slide his hand inside his messy diaper to grab a handful of his own shit and wipe it off down his face all the way back to his diaper. Would you do that if I told you to do it? Click here to find out what the nasty baby did and call me to tell me your dirty secrets during some scat kink phone sex.



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