Giantess Crissy


Today was a day to remember indeed. I am a hot bratty giantess who has am urge to squish you like the bug you are. Well today my special little serum came in the mail. One drop directly above the head causes a person’s blood flow to reverse backwards causing the body to shrink to any size your heart desires, depending on how much you give them of course. Well my soon to be ex boyfriend and his new  whore just happen to be the unlucky ones I got to test it on. I haven’t decided whether I make them hit each other and play with them like dolls or just get straight to it and squash those two pathetic losers right under my heel. I know I won’t be satisfied until I’m scraping their remains off the bottom of my shoe like gum. That’ll make them know next time not to fuck with a giantess femdom.



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