Surprise Ass Fucking — by Mommy to Son

Hello Sweetheart, I’m so glad you’ve come to visit me. Mommy’s been waiting to snuggle with her favorite young man and here you are. Come lie here with me and let’s get cozy. Put your head on my pillowy breasts and feel how silky my skin is. Close your eyes and tell me your secret … Read moreSurprise Ass Fucking — by Mommy to Son

Sabrina loves strap ons

You like it when Sabrina puts on her strap on don’t you?  My cuckold knows what is coming when I put it on.   My submissive loves to get it in his ass as hard as I can give it to my sissy bitch.  Bending over my adult baby makes Sabrina so wet.  I love to … Read moreSabrina loves strap ons

Soft and Submissive

Sometimes when you’re a mommy, people expect you to be a dommy mommy, large and in charge, not submissive. The truth is, I prefer a softer hand. Although I have been known to toy with domination and BDSM on others when the mood strikes me, I tend to appreciate being the softer force when it … Read moreSoft and Submissive

The Golden Shower

As Sabrina‘s submissive cuckold lays underneath her,  her warm stream of piss comes rushing out from her wet pussy.   Sabrina loves it when she dominates her sissy slave.  You like taking Sabrina’s warm piss in your face don’t you ?  Now open your mouth and taste Sabrina’s piss.  You like that warmth going into your … Read moreThe Golden Shower

I want to spank your ass and tie you up like the good submissive you are !

Come submit to Sabrina !   You will never want to submit to anyone else !!!!   I will tie you up, slap you around, hand cuff you, gag you, and put my heels into your chest!  So if it’s punishment your looking for,  CALL ME !  Call 1-888-430-2010 ask for Sabrina 011 1 714 442 2402 … Read moreI want to spank your ass and tie you up like the good submissive you are !