ABDL boy

You have been such a naughty little ABDL all day you have been giving mommy a hard time. Being fussy and making the most stinkiest messes in your diaper. I even caught you playing in your diaper earlier and you know that absolutely isn’t allowed you have been such a naughty baby mommy doesn’t know … Read moreABDL boy

Smell Mistress Janey’s Feet!

Wow Look at you standing there! You seriously think that your Mistress will be going easy on you for this session! I don’t believe so!  Now get on your knees but before you to why don’t you slide off those pants they are too manly for you anyway aren’t they? and here slide off your … Read moreSmell Mistress Janey’s Feet!

Candle Wax Domination Phone Sex

Lay down as I place a blindfold over your head and then Take some nipple clamps and just lightly place them on your nipples! Are you ready to have some fun with your mistress sure you are so now I am going to take a cock ring and slide it on your very erect cock … Read moreCandle Wax Domination Phone Sex

Submission Phone Sex!

Are you looking for a strict and humiliating mistress? Maybe you’re looking for some Financial domination! Well I  am the girl for you Now keep in mind that I am strict and I don’t take things lightly so when I tell you to do something I expect you to say yes Mistress and do it … Read moreSubmission Phone Sex!

Poopy Diaper Boy

Today, this ABDL Mommy talked with a poopy diaper boy. He had made a stinky mess in his cute little patterned disposable diaper. I made him give himself a little bit of a diaper massage, rubbing his tiny baby pee-pee that was concealed under his poopy diaper. Playing with his pee-pee made it stand up … Read morePoopy Diaper Boy

Foot Fetish

“Oh please mistress how can I please you?” You sit down on your knees at my feet with nothing on but a diaper and a leather studded leash. I tell you it’s been a long day and to rub my feet. Your eyes grow with excitement for you have a foot fetish with your mistress. … Read moreFoot Fetish

Where I Put My Butts

Every now and then I get the most interesting callers that want to participate in the more bizarre Extreme Fetish Sex.  The other day I had just one of those calls where the caller loved that I smoked since he said that played into his fetish.  I was intrigued and baffled at the same time … Read moreWhere I Put My Butts

ABDL Bondage

One thing that I have begun to notice about those cute little adult babies that I take care of is that they seem to think that by looking up at me with those big huge eyes and batting their little lashes, that it will make their ABDL mommy forget all about all of the trouble … Read moreABDL Bondage